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Planting and maintenance of living hedges, orchards and trees

Do something for nature: participate in the restoration of the ecological network!

In an environment of urbanization and growing automation, each act for nature counts; each natural element that is maintained has its importance in addition to being a refuge for flora and fauna.

Hedges play several beneficial roles for flora and fauna, among those one can name the role of being a source of food, habitat or shelter, a passageway for moving or migration…
Who hasn’t noticed the number of species of birds encountered in a hedge? Approach one and you will discover a multitude of insects that come to profit from their blossoming. More discrete, you’ll also discover mammals.
For agriculture, hedges are also windbreakers and havens for livestock.

Finally, you cannot neglect the improvement that hedges bring to the landscape. In their garden, a judicious composition of wild shrubs with various blossoms and carpophores is a beautiful effect, in addition to attracting charming visitors…

The older orchards and rows of pollard trees are often abandoned. They offer shelter and cover numerous species of insects and birds that come to profit from crevices left by the dead branches. The Little Owl for example, a large consumer of insects, will only be found here! Unfortunately, its decline accompanies that of our old trees…

If you have a wild hedge, an old orchard or old pollard trees, take care of them! If you have an agricultural or rural habitat area, why not plan plantings for your land? In both cases, Wallonia can help you!

In fact, at the proposal of the LUTGEN Minister, the Government just adopted an order that organizes the granting of endowments for planting and maintenance of hedges, orchards and trees. This new order and the request form are available on the website (Nature and Forests tab). All requests should be addressed beforehand to the applicable External Services Project Management of the Nature and Forest Division of your area (addresses are available at the same place).

Mother Nature thanks you!

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