Tel. 082 71 00 31
Fax. 082 71 00 69
E-mail. beauraing-logement@publilink.be
Website . http://sites.google.com/site/phbessaisite/Home

Maryline MASSON
Tel. 082 71 00 31
Fax. 082 71 00 69
E-mail. beauraing-logement@publilink.be

Availability: Monday to Friday from 9am – 12pm and from 2pm – 4pm.
Location: left wing, ground floor.
Office hours: /


On the following site: http://users.belgacom.net/logementbeauraing you will find a non-exhaustive list of useful addresses, links that will allow you to access official sites more easily (Walloon Region, General Management of Territorial Development, Housing, Patrimony, etc.), and a form to download to introduce an request concerning your real estate asset, destined for sale or rental.

In addition to the design and follow-up of the “Municipal strategy on housing renovation” and complementarily to the actions of other external institutions (C.P.A.S, SWL, SLSP, AIS, etc.), the service assists you in the development of your housing portfolio:

  • List of unoccupied houses;
  • Assistance to private citizens in filling out the required documents to request subsidies (for renovation, etc.);
  • Advice concerning leases of principal residences

Moreover, the housing service is in charge of monitoring the respect of quality housing standards for private citizens (especially in the subject of health) and of the listing of unoccupied constructed buildings, which under certain conditions are subject to municipal taxes.

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