L'autre Sens (The other Sense)


Jean-Philippe GILAIN 
Tel. & Fax. 082 67 92 40 
Cell:  0473 82 19 67
Email. autresens@yahoo.fr  

Bérengère FOURNY
Social Assistant

Giovanna D'AQUALE
Street educators

Availability: Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM and from 1:15 PM to 4:30 PM. (Possibility of meeting by appointment) Location: Rue de Rochefort, 38 A – 5570 Beauraing Stand-by hours: /


Prevention and assistance services for drug addicts and their loved ones

The Other Sense is a strategic prevention and security plan (formerly drug plan) depending on the Federal Public Department of the Interior as well as the municipality of Beauraing. It is composed of a psychology graduate, a full-time criminologist (Jean-Philippe Gilain) and a part-time social assistant (Berengere Fourny). The service is open to all people closely or distantly affected by licit or illicit drug use, whether it is for information, listening, an exchange or support.

The Other Sense follows the objectives below:

  • Respond individually to the demands of people directly or indirectly concerned with drug use;
  • In a spirit of coordination, it attempts to implement measures allowing to reestablish and reinforce existing social fibers and structures. It identifies local and supralocal resources with a view to promote partnership.
  • It uses preventative actions regarding drug consumption.
  • It recognizes the situation through superior public authorities while respecting professional confidentiality.

The service carries out its work according to three axes:

  • Individual work

By listening, accompaniment, psychosocial monitoring, risk reduction and the social reinsertion of people that request it and encounter difficulties linked to drug use.

  • Prevention

By actions led through persons having an educational role in direct relation to youth. People like teachers, educators or even parents that make the request can benefit from this type of action. It is about predicting drug consumption and the risks linked to this while creating spaces for exchange, reflection and information.

  • Coordination

The point is to install a coherence of actions to follow regarding drug addiction. To do this, the service participates in the creation of a network uniting different local interveners in respecting the skills and missions of each individual.

With the goal to successfully attain these objectives and ends, different actions have already been established:

  • Individual monitoring and accompaniment of drug users and their loved ones in psychological and social measures of order (searching for housing, a job, life project, consumption research, etc.)
  • Sensibilization in youth-identified locations (parties, festivals, etc.). This way, different tools are used, such as brochures describing different drugs, distribution of preservatives, etc. In addition, the information diffused is adapted to the present public depending on age, sex, expectations, fears, etc.
  • The training, sensibility of educational bodies (teachers, educators, etc.), psycho-medico-socio workers and the whole population confronted with drug use. Also, the service implements conferences, training, theater shows, etc.
  • The information also is available through a documentation center (book lending, magazines, etc.).
  • Creation of a transborder project with France (constitution of a network of professionals active in the party environment of risk reduction policy).
  • Partnership with other services concerned by the problem of drug use such as specialized centers, AMOs (Open Source Aid Associations), youth homes, etc.

The project integrates a prevention policy based on development, emancipation, independence, education, integration, respect of differences, solidarity, non-judgment, listening, empathy and the interest of the group as well as that of individuals. In addition, our work is completed while guaranteeing professional confidentiality.


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