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Véronique WIRGOT
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“Safety, Peace of Mind, and Public Hygiene”

On March 8, 2006, the Municipal Council of the City of Beauraing adopted its General Police Regulation, also called the Charter of “Living well together.” It had the objective of reducing easily avoidable disagreements as much as possible, thus strengthening a respectful and peaceful public life for each individual.

The implementation of this “Charter of living well together” should help modify uncivil behaviors and also reduce public disturbances. In accordance with the new municipal law, certain attitudes that were not criminally prosecuted or that were no longer criminally prosecuted can now be directly reprimanded by the municipal authorities.

  • The fight against “small” incivilities...  

- It’s revolting to find garbage bags all over town, while you separate your waste,
- It’s frightening to have dogs wandering about town, scaring your children and dirtying their playgrounds,
- It’s annoying to have a neighbor who burns anything and everything and ignores your comments.
Our day-to-day behaviors have repercussions on our neighbors. Our gestures can deteriorate the quality of life of others.
Each one of us is therefore responsible for the improvement of the quality of life of our community as a whole…

  • Means of action...

In the case of the non-respect of the prescriptions of this regulation, a procedure is put in place to sanction inappropriate behavior.

One of the procedure’s tools is the administrative fine.

This fine applies to infractions of most of the dispositions of the new General Police Regulation and is given out by the sanctioning agent, a municipal agent appointed for this purpose. The amount of these administrative fines ranges from a minimum of 125 Euros to a maximum of 250 Euros, in addition to the costs of restoring the location to its original state.

So, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Let’s adopt the right attitude and actively participate in improving the quality of everyone’s life.

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