City Planning


Jacques BELOT
Tel. 082 71 00 64
Fax. 082 71 00 69

Tél. 082 71 00 46

Catherine MARCHAL
Territorial development advisor
Tel. 082 71 00 46

Availability: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm (afternoons by appointment).
Location: left wing, ground floor.
Office Hours: Office hours are set for Tuesdays until 6pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.


The city planning department is available to you for any request relating to:

  • City planning permits
  • Subdivision permits
  • Environmental permits/ single permits
  • City planning declarations
  • City planning certificates
  • City planning allocations in consultation with atlases of neighboring streets, sector plans, municipal development plans, and other local development documents
  • Cases submitted for public inquiry with consultation and technical support
  • Tree cutting
  • NATURA 2000 area and its implications
  • Renovation subsidies (to complete the required form)
  • Assistance in designing urban planning projects


City planning permit request file
Documents to be submitted : INS (National Statistics Institute) statistical form (model I or II), 2 city planning permit request forms (appendix 20), 2 architect attestations (appendix 22), notice of evaluation of environmental impact, 3 sets of 3 photographs, 8 copies of blueprints, PEB (Energy performance of buildings) form to be completed by a PEB official.

City planning permit file
It is comprised of: planning options, architectural options, instructions, the technical file in the case of road construction, 3 request forms and blueprints in compliance with Article 311 of C.W.A.T.U.P.E.

Agricultural projects
Download the file here.

Classified establishments – environmental permits / single permits:
All requests (gas, oil, body repair shops, sink holes, cowsheds) must be introduced to the City Planning Department.

Class 3 declaration for water treatment plants
Download the file here.

Class 3 general declaration
Download the file here.

Assistance in filling out request firms for environmental permits or for single permits
Download the file here.

Consultation of the land registry

Procedures: Make an appointment with the department and come with your identification card.
Cost: free.
Waiting period: Immediate (none).
Notice – this service cannot provide the names and addresses of the owners. For this, it is necessary to contact the Land Register.

Note: You may obtain information concerning your land revenue and the capacity of your lot. You will not be given a copy. Copies and extracts from the land matrix are only issued by the Finance Ministry, Land Registry, rue Pépin, 5 à 5000 Namur - tel. 081 22 11 52.



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