Public Digital Space (EPN)

Charles-Andre Collignon
Tel. 082 22 91 62

  • Address of the EPN in Beauraing:

At the site of the Beauraing Center for Training and Development ASBL (Non-profit)
Faubourg Saint-Martin, 22
5570 Beauraing

  • Adress of the EPN in Felenne :

Rue Gilbert Godefroid, 26
5570 Beauraing

What is a public digital Space or EPN?

Created in partnership with Wallonia and the non-profit Beauraing Center for Training and Development, the EPN is a non-profit place that is open to the public, promoting the access, introduction and appropriation to the Internet, multimedia and office automation. A local, concrete solution for the ʺdigital fractureʺ that some citizens have experienced.

Computers fot everyone...

The EPN of Beauraing offers you various, free computer courses such as:

  • Introduction to computers:
    General use of computers, Internet, etc.
  • Digital photos:
    Learn to use free software to correct and modify photographs.
  • Video editing:
    Learn video editing.
  • Recording:
    Create audio CDs, MP3 CDs, data saving CDs and DVDs.
  • Electronic identity card:
    Installation of electronic identity card reader, discover its possibilities.
  • Specific courses for teachers:
    Information days and training on the Internet and computer use.
  • Specific courses for employment seekers:
    Qualified and certified training for PMTIC.
  • Specific courses for seniors and juniors:
    General computer use, Internet and email (electronic mail).

Also, the EPN is open for free access from Monday to Friday from 4 PM to 6:30 PM. Each individual may use a computer according to their needs (employment research, academic work, hobbies, etc.).


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