Local Employment Agency (A.L.E.)


Sandrine PIRSON
Tel. 082 71 00 37
Email. sandrine.pirson@publilink.be
Webite : http://alebeauraing.e-monsite.com/

Availability: Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Location: right wing, first floor
Stand-by hours: /



The purpose of the A.L.E. is to allow an individual, association, an ASBL (non-profit) etc., to obtain an employee without work for assistance in accomplishing different work such as management work, gardening, painting, surveillance, childcare services or caring for sick people, administrative formalities, etc.

The A.L.E. can thus put you in contact with a worker who currently is unemployed and is ready to carry out these services. The work will be compensated on a daily basis, at the end of provision of services by the beneficiary, at the rate of 5,95 Euros per hour, by issuance of an A.L.E. check.

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