Apparitions of the Virgin Mary

From November 29, 1932 to January 3, 1933, five children from Beauraing were witnesses, on 33 different occasions, of apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

After much reluctance, opposition and the conclusion of a rigorous inquiry, the truthfulness of their words was recognized by the diocesan authority: the adoration was authorized in 1943, and the supernatural nature of the events was recognized in 1949. From the beginning, pilgrims flocked to “Our Lady with the Golden Heart” on foot, under the hawthorn, in response to the request “That people come here in pilgrimage!”

A votive chapel was built (1947-1954, architect M. Claes) according to his likes, in stone from the country. Remarkably carved and at the heart of the sanctuaries, the chapel is the place of the Eucharist and daily Adoration and of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The area was progressively developed with several concrete buildings of a very refined design (1961-1968, architect R. Bastin): the shelter that encircles the Garden of Apparitions, the Crypt of Saint Jean, the Church of the Rosary, which can hold up to 700 people, and the Superior Church, which can hold up to 5,000 pilgrims.

Important dates of the Sanctuaries are the homage to the children of Mary on August 15, the vigil and the international pilgrimage on August 21 and 22, the diocesan assembly on the first Sunday of October and the anniversary of the Apparitions. Pedestrian pilgrims gather in Beauraing every first Saturday (day of recollection) and the second and third Sundays of each month.

The former building of the Sisters of the Christian Doctrine Institute, in which the garden received the Virgin’s visit, became the “Hospital” or “Reception” Center. It was developed and recently renovated to accommodate groups of sick people and accompanists from Belgium, Holland and France for 3 days. There are more than 30 “triduums” here per year, where the young and adults demonstrate a great example of solidarity.
In 1946, the “Pro Maria” work acquired half of the former property of the Dukes of Ossuna, particularly including the Castle.

At the “Saint Marie Castle”, retreats and various activities are organized for adults; numerous young people are welcomed for prayer, reflection and exchange.
Pilgrims and visitors can watch a film on the Apparitions, following the guided tour of the Sanctuaries, with commentary on the votive chapel, ceramics and sculptures of Max Van der Linden and I. William. The Marian Museum, next to the “Pro Maria” shop, contains more than 800 reproductions of statues of the Virgin from all different countries. Finally, the bimonthly magazine “The Voice of Beauraing” keeps subscribers updated on life at the Sanctuaries
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