Local festivities

Major events (in 2011)

  • Flea market on the lawn at the Saint-Pierre Castle

This is a classic flea market, organized by the Tourism Office, that takes place each year at the end of July in an amazing location: The Saint-Pierre Castle Park.

The flea markel will take place on July 30, 2011.

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Tourism Office of Beauraing


  • Street Market

The Beauraing street market is organized each year during the first weekend of August by the tourist information office and the retailers’ association.
Over this weekend, the retailers of Beauraing invite you to come make your best purchases of the summer.

Several activities are organized for big and small alike: folklore and musical activities, mall, fireworks, carousels, etc.

The street market will take place on the first weekend of August (from 04/08/2011 to 08/08/2011).

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Michel Maréchal
Tel. 082 71 16 45
Mail. michelmarechal@skynet.be


  • Festive Castle

This unusual festival is, above all, a place…its past, its soul, its secrets, its paths and its soft breezes…It's from here where everything is born, it’s from here that everything will continue and the entertainers, whether they are on the water, in the trees, in the air, on the fresh grass, are once and again inspired by this spectacular green setting…the poetry of words, of musical notes, the technical achievements, the mood, the setting of the location and the time that passes.

From whispers of emotions in creative achievements, this is a unique moment of warmth, children’s laughter, sun and good spirits.

Next edition in 2012!

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Cultural Center of Beauraing 


  • Medieval Festival

Lords, yokels and minstrels meet at the foot of the Beauraing castle, located in the Sainte-Marie Castle Park

A period village, rebuilt near the castle, is alive with singers, dancers, story tellers, falconers, troubadours, knights, extras, medieval craftsmen, etc. who guarantee you a quality show.

To really immerse the visitor in the ambiance, knight tournaments, dances of yore, etc. are some of the planned activities…

The medieval festival was organized for the first time in August 2009 by the Tourism Office. It is to be repeated, in principal, every two years.

The medieval festival will take place on the 4th of september 2011.

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Tourism Office of Beauraing


  • Wood Weekend

Organized by the Tourism Office, the "woods weekend" is a gathering of artists and craftsmen that offer you several activities and discoveries based around the woods…

The woods weekend is organized, in principal, every two years.

The "woods weekend" will take place on October 15 & 16, 2011.

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Tourism Office of Beauraing


Local fairs

  • Pondrôme (last weekend of June)
  • Sevry (2nd weekend of July)
  • Felenne (3rd weekend of July)
  • Froidfontaine (last weekend of July)
  • Winenne (last weekend of August)
  • Honnay (last weekend of September)
  • Baronville (last weekend of September)
  • Focant (1st weekend of October)
  • Vonêche (2nd weekend of October)

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