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The Discobus 4 parks in Beauraing every Monday from 3 PM to 5 PM on Seurre Square.

An impressive collection
More than 800,000 CDs/SACDs/LPs/DVDs/VHS/CD-Rom pop / rock / soul / funk / classic / global world / jazz / French songs / cinema / documentaries /…
The Mediaquest® database
Millions of references. 5,000 visitors passionate about music, film and games use this precious research tool daily, also accessible in the media libraries and on the Internet.

The loan is just around the corner.
More than 100 locations in Wallonia and Brussels.

Specialists connected to the world and news.
Thanks to a vast network of prospecting global productions, the collections grow each year by thousands of new titles.
Advice, suggestions, listening tracks, discoveries, introductions… 
Media librarians, true couriers of culture, are always on the lookout for culture, and are available for you in the media libraries and through newsletters.
La Sélec: the media library’s magazine
A free bimonthly magazine in which guiding threads and narrations let genres and periods circulate.
Collectible original posters.
For you to play
A vast selection of games for PS2, PS3, PC, PSP, Wii, XBOX and Nintendo DS.
Playlists, music genre files, portraits, streaming, chronicles…
Download platform
More than 600,000 fields, independent labels, specific catalogues and editorial contributions 
You have the word, comment, grade an album, movie or game, give your opinion on the forums, and create playlists.

This service is supported by your Municipal Administration.


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