Public action

Public action is exercised in the spirit of freedom of judgment, responsibility of individuals and respect of people independent of their religion or philosophical or political opinions as much as these are democratic. It respects tolerance, solidarity and human rights above all else.

  • Tolerance
    is an open attitude and respect of others. But it does not signify that you must submit to any idea. Hate and contempt, for example, must be fought in the name of tolerance.
  • Solidarity
    is a moral engagement to help one another and the mutual responsibility between human beings.
    Man is not born to suffer but to find their legitimate part of happiness.
  • Human rights
    and secularism are linked: they affirm among others the right to resist to dictatorship, the right of liberty of conscience and expression…
    The conquest of human rights is progressive and remains unfinished.

Beauraing Public Action organizes:

  • Secular ceremonies that punctuate all of life including: sponsoring, passing from childhood to adolescence, marriage, nuptials and funerals.
  • Toy grant and annual book grant.
  • Workshops for children (Free Expression workshop).
  • In the measure of possibilities, set up desired activities.
  • Training sessions are organized regularly (photo training, free expression, writing, etc.).
  • Exhibits on chosen themes that affect our society.
  • Conferences, debates depending on your wishes and our possibilities.
  For all contact:
Monique Tourneur : 082 71 21 64 ou 0478 48 67 88
Jean-Philippe and Ginette Hainaut : 082 71 21 70


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